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About Us

We love working with modern technology, and we believe that is true of most other people too.

Our History

Nexus Technology Parters were first established in 1999 to assist clients during the first digital age, when desktop computers became cost effective enough to place one on every office desk.

Later, as the business community discovered the Internet, we transitioned away from reactive support services, to pro-active software implementation services and web based technologies.

In the second digital age, where digital access technology has filtered from the realm of the corporate office down to the majority of the population, we moved in step to help clients leverage the huge uptake in personal internet access with cloud delivered services, and more recently, responsive mobile first applications.

Our Vision

We believe that for every task, every process, and every activity in any given business, there is always a better way than

“The way it has always been done.”

Since human nature opposes change, radical departures from existing processes are not always possible, so a different path is often required, and one that does not impress upon people an urgent need to alter their current work practises.

In it’s simplest form, this boils down to what the Japanese call Kaizen; a series of small, constant changes that while on the surface may appear to alter the process by only a small amount, over time make up the change from what was, to what shall be.